Chloë is Back For Round 2 of Song Association, Sings Solange, Lady Gaga & "Have Mercy" | ELLE

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    Round 2? Lord, ! Just as has stepped out on her own, she stepped back into our studios for another go at the internet's favorite game. Tune in as she sings favorite from , and explains how came together. For more ELLE:

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Man her voice and personality are just out of this world, I love it when she is chill and relaxed. She is a star.

Sassy Diva +2
Sassy Diva

I need her on the Terrell Show so we can hear her really sing these songs

RE Caruthers +2
RE Caruthers

Her vocals are flawless and so is she. 😍 I can see her singing Christmas carols.

Chibi -chan +1
Chibi -chan

The facts that her voice is still beautiful without auto tune👌👌😭


If I had her vocal abilities I would never shut up haha

George N +841
George N

I wanna hear her sing Beyoncé’s Dangerously In Love but the live version with all the extra runs. I would get my entire life

Dayana’s Life +85
Dayana’s Life

Her voice 🥰🥰

Tyrone McKenney +584
Tyrone McKenney

Listen, she forget everybody else song, but when it's one of hers... HER VOICE CARD NEVER DECLINES!

Aly +734

Chloe could’ve won this using her own Chloe x Halle songs🤦🏽‍♀️😭

Chris W +734
Chris W

These words were too hard! Chloe sang DOWN though! She has the most developed and controlled airy ‘falsetto’ I’ve ever heard.

C M +638

Lol why did they give her hard words 😂 they usually give them words from their own songs or collabs

Martavius Laray Hampton +373
Martavius Laray Hampton

Such a nice voice. She's definitely talented

Keantae Miller +311
Keantae Miller

She can hit notes so effortlessly

Perservarance +348

I never knew she had a strong falsetto like this but I always knew her head voice is one of the best in the new generation

Mike Morr +353
Mike Morr

She makes singing look and sound easy

Joy Mechell +127
Joy Mechell

Respect to her for singing a Solange song .

Carol Jennings +217
Carol Jennings


DonDivo +91

Her voice is so diverse and she can sing so effortlessly and you can tell this makes her happy 🥰 always will support and push her as a fan 🔥🔥

emani Solomon +214
emani Solomon

I love Chloe so much! She's so sweet and a talented vocalist

Catinthehat2393 G +117
Catinthehat2393 G

I’m not sure what’s happened in the last year or so but her voice has started truly developing at such an accelerated rate and she has found such balance between her chest and head voice and now here I can hear how stunning her falsetto is too she truly is a vocalist


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قريباً بنودعهم كلهم - يوميات عصابة بدر

يوميات عصابة بدر

عدد المشاهدات 560 ألف