T-Pain Raps 50 Cent, Nelly and Sings Rihanna in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

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    He's an icon, he's a legend, he IS the moment. It's the one and only T-Pain up next on ! Tune in on this episode as he raps your favorite hits from Nelly, OutKast, talks learning to play the keys and reveals the track he's most excited to release. For more ELLE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5rws...

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Star Trekker +1
Star Trekker

He seems like an all-time great hang, even if he's not gonna help you win bar trivia.

jamie mishler +1
jamie mishler

He has a personality that is universally loved!

CJ K +2

t-pain is basically the r&b equivalent of jack black

Presh +862

He cracks his own self up and I love it 😂

jas +1

he literally had the chance to sing "i'm T-Pain, you know me" and missed it

mzjnicolelove +1

Bruh his Awkwardness mixed with humor is so attractive

Indii Bleu +429
Indii Bleu

T-Pain needs to be on The Terrell Show and the blue wall. Their personalities and talent would be EVERYTHING!

She, In The Making +798
She, In The Making

This was a mess, I love him 😂

TrishaF +359

Half of the time he was barely even paying attention to the actual game. 🤣 He is so funny and down to Earth lol

Jonatan Mejia +395
Jonatan Mejia

Elle Magazine and T Pain literally just showed us a video of them just vibing on set lol this was so dysfunctional I loved it 😭

Katie Thulin +353
Katie Thulin

He's so incredibly charming!! Great singer, family guy, what a solid dude!

Alex Martinez +105
Alex Martinez

I see T-Pain, I click. He’s so effortlessly funny, definitely the type of guy you wanna be friends with

imlowkey2 +184

Love T-pain so much 💓. His songs will forever be legendary

Jillian Sloane +75
Jillian Sloane

This is top tier comedy! His laugh is infectious

opa +209

Such a big personality. He's great, funnest episode so far.

Marie Stone +206
Marie Stone

He's always happy and is hilarious 😂

Alisha Chanel +215
Alisha Chanel

Him teetering between him being horrible and killing it is me, in my everyday life.

Cassius King +135
Cassius King

I knew tpain for almost 20 years. I use to DJ in south Florida. He deserves all this and more


Meanwhile theirs a whole drink in his hand after admitting he has a alcoholic problem 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m here for it

Monique Friend +82
Monique Friend

His personality is so great. So humble and goofy.





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